Why UEdit™?

If you want heavy traffic parking on your company’s website, your content needs to stay fresh, dynamic and beneficial to your visitors. In short, your site needs to be “sticky.” Regular content updates can be the glue attracting your readers.

The typical website update cycle looks something like this:

  The owner of the information must write new copy
  The new copy goes to a web developer who integrates it into the site
  The new page is reviewed and usually edited again
  The new page is finally published days later

VisualMedia’s UEdit™ system streamlines those tedious website update cycles. UEdit™ is a real-time, web-based content editing solution for your company’s website, putting control of the site’s information back in the hands of people who own it.
  Web-based = Anyone on your staff can make changes to the pages that they own, as long as they have a web browser.
  Real-time = No more waiting for the web developer to make the changes – you have control right now!

UEdit™ Features

Users familiar with Microsoft Word or any other common word processor will feel right at home with UEdit™. The interface is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, while still offering the robust tools you need to keep your site cutting edge.
  Works with existing websites – no need to “migrate” your site
  Spell check module eliminates embarrassing spelling errors
  Image module allows image uploading and thumbnailing
  Verifies page links to eliminate “broken links”
  Admin features include page approval before publishing
  Extensible – UEdit™ can be customized for your company’s needs

System Requirements

Server Requirements:
Any web server running PHP, such as IIS or Apache.
The PHP process must have write-permissions on the files to be edited.

Editor Requirements:
Windows: IE 5.5+
Any other platform (Mac OS, Unix): Mozilla 1.3b+

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